2020 Design Integration

The best tool for kitchen, bath and closet remodeling. 2020 provides end-to-end software solutions for remodelers, designers, manufacturers and retailers.


Streamline kitchen and bath remodeling

magicplan and 2020 Design empower remodelers to quickly measure & sketch spaces and provide your clients with stunning visuals.

The best tool for kitchen and bath remodeling

2020 software for kitchen, bath remodelers has everything you need to quickly create stunning designs that will impress your customers. All the interior design and business tools you need to run a successful interior design business.

State-of-the-art measuring and sketching
Measure and sketch spaces using magicplan's state-of-the-art AR and LiDAR supported mobile workflow.
Seemless data transfers to 2020 Design
Transferring sketches to a corresponding project in 2020 Design only requires the tap of a button in the magicplan application.
High-quality rendering
2020's feature-rich design software brings realism, speed and accuracy to space-planning.

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