Have you ever had to count electrical outlets?

In 2013 an assistant construction manager, spent his days inspecting job sites, counting electrical outlets, and taking notes with pen and paper 😩.

Frustrated with inefficient processes in the industry, he set out to make his life easier. Attempting to develop a solution for capturing interior spaces, he built various technical contraptions that surely would have gotten a place in the list of 50 worst inventions 😉. Luckily enough, he stumbled upon magicplan.

magicplan was the first mobile application that could automatically measure and draw a floor plan, just by taking pictures. It all began in a Montréal basement in 2010. Gilles Desforges and four of his fellow developers at a CAD software company realized the potential of smartphones in creating CAD drawings and got to work.

They started with the vision to simplify measuring and mapping interior spaces for the broad public. Launched in 2011 – six years before Apple released ARkit by the way 🤔 – it paved the way for the many AR features used in mobile apps today. magicplan was the second App of the Day in the Apple App Store, ever, and was awarded App of the Year 2012.

The construction manager and his colleagues were mind-blown 🤯: magicplan had the potential to become everything they were looking for – if adapted to the needs of contractors. After a few years of co-developing magicplan with the Canadian team, they joined forces!

In 2010 magicplan began as a startup in a basement in Montréal. Today it is a full-blown SaaS company operating on three continents. (By the way: We’re hiring.) We believe in questioning the status quo in the building industry to provide contractors with a better way to get work done while on the go.

Technology is developing at an insane rate. What seemed impossible only ten years ago can now be done with the device everyone carries in their pocket. Join us in our constant pursuit of progress. No contractor should ever have to count outlets again.


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